6 Tips for Having a Summer Wedding in Arizona

A summer outdoor wedding in Arizona.

From its transcendent architecture to the all-year-round sun, Arizona is one of the best places to hold your wedding. It’s the sunsets, the warm evening breeze, and everything there is to love about summer in Arizona.

We get why you’re planning to have your wedding under the Arizona heat. But questions arise about how to handle the heat during the ceremony. How will you keep you and your guest cool? How do you ensure beautiful outdoor wedding photos without worrying about the heat? 

These worries undoubtedly discourage you from wanting to have your summer wedding in Arizona. However, it would be best if you didn’t lose hope. 

Read on to know how to stay cool at an outdoor wedding:

1. Pick a Venue with Shades

If you intend to have an outdoor summer wedding or want to have the guests outside at some point, you need to have shades at the venue. Thus, ensure your guests experience relief from the hot temperatures and the sun. 

Of course, you don’t want to see people fainting due to the heat. 

Need Venue Ideas? Check out this list here. 

2. Have a Backup Venue

Even if you’re experiencing mild weather, things could change very fast. Accordingly, plan a backup venue because you never know when you need it. The backup venue could be a local indoor venue or a reception area.

3. Have Seasonal Food on the Menu

Avoid having food that doesn’t blend well with the warm temperatures. Choose fruits and vegetables, grilled proteins, and summer salads. Plus, this is an excellent opportunity to set up an ice cream sundae stand.

4. Prepare Your Guests

As an addition to the shades, facilitate your guests with all the necessary tools needed to accommodate an eventful night in the heat. For example, you can offer your guests bug spray and mini sunscreen. 

Also, you should print the ceremony program on paper fans, and at the same time, offer your guests flip-flops they can dance in.

When it comes to attire, an Arizona summer wedding will usually involve light fabrics and bright colors. If the ceremony or reception is going to be in the daytime, consider allowing your guests to dress down and wear something more casual for more comfort.  

Be functional and creative.

5. Touch Up Your Makeup All Day

The bride and female guests should have a makeup bag with lipstick, powder, and water-proof mascara. In addition, have deodorant, oil-blotting sheets, perfume, and hairspray. 

Chances are, you’ll sweat off your makeup as the day progresses. So, have your kit in place and have fun!

6. Have Wedding Insurance

Having wedding insurance is a must because the summer monsoon storm can ruin the wedding. Wedsafe and Markel are two recommended wedding insurance options to protect your wedding investment. 

Thus, the insurance reimburses all non-refundable amounts and lost deposits if you postpone or cancel the event due to unavoidable circumstances. Additionally, the protection on wedding cancellation covers other additional costs you may incur while avoiding canceling your wedding.

It also caters for damages or losses to special wedding attire, damaged or lost gifts, vendor no-shows, and lost wedding bands. Thus, preparing for unforeseen inconveniences is a must.


How Do You Have an Outdoor Wedding in the Summer?

Here’s how to have the perfect summer wedding:

  • Have a tented/indoor reception and photo area
  • Ask people to carry sunblock
  • Avoid serving heavy foods
  • Provide enough shade for all the guests
  • Prepare for summer rains
  • Keep a light dress code
  • Avoid holding the ceremony during the hottest time of the day
  • Offer cool desserts
  • Have a summer-friendly hair-do
  • Select the right decor and flowers

What is a Good Time for a Summer Wedding?

In this scenario, have your guests settle for dinner before sunset. Here’s a basic framework you should work with:

  • The ceremony begins at 4:00 PM
  • At 5:00 PM, cocktail hour begins
  • You serve the guests dinner at 6:00 PM
  • The dancing starts at 8:00 PM 
  • At 8:30 PM, it’s the sunset
  • Close the ceremony at 10:00 PM

How Do I Keep My Guests Cool in the Summer Wedding?

Here are 13 clever hacks to keep the guests cool:

  • Hand the guests some parasols during the sunny ceremony
  • Strategize on the indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Take advantage of fans
  • Blend your decor to be both functional and decorative
  • Put shades on your lounge areas
  • Double up frozen desserts
  • Serve cold drinks during cocktail hour
  • Create a refreshing menu
  • When not sure about the weather, use a tent
  • Serve your guests refreshments
  • Choose the right time of the day to host the wedding
  • Have drink stations set up
  • Incorporate a pool party as a way to cool off

Is It Better to Have a Wedding in July or August?

June, September, and October are seen as the best months to have your wedding. Traditionally, June is the most preferred due to its mild weather. But, there’s no bad month to hold your wedding. Hence, you can marry the love of your life at whatever time you settle on.

What is the Average Cost of a Wedding in Arizona?

The average cost of an Arizona wedding is $33,931. When you look into specific states, the price for a wedding in Phoenix averages $21,482, and a wedding in Tuscon costs $19,453.

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The Bottom Line 

There you have it – tips for having a memorable summer wedding. Thanks to Aurora Event Lighting and Rentals, your summer wedding planning has never been easier. And, we’re the best in Arizona wedding event rentals.

However you wish to have your summer wedding, we’re here to help you find all the resources you need to fit your budget and style.

Therefore, stop panicking and dive right into the party mood. Plan your modern summer wedding with us by your side.

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