Cold Sparkler Rentals

Turn Up the Sparkle on Your Event

Cold Sparkler Rentals

Turn Up the Sparkle on Your Event

A Touch of Razzle Dazzle
A stunning accent for every picture perfect moment. Controllable spark height from 3-16'
Fire Without the Flame
A simulated pyrotechnic experience with no flame means no pyrotechnics license required
Indoors or Outdoors
Safe for use inside or outside. The sparks emitted are only 62 degrees F
Glisten, Gleam and Glow
Control the height and duration of the effcet, with little smoke or odor

For fun without fire with our cold sparkler rental!
Fire is exciting and enchanting but dangerous and hard to control. Cold sparkler machines allow you to enjoy the excitement of pyrotechnics but without all the associated hazards. Use them indoors and outdoors! Our cold sparkler rentals don’t emit any smoke for a dazzling display of glittery shine. Cold sparkler rental machines are ideal for creating photo-ops, and they’ll add a fun but sophisticated touch to your evening. 
Because we only provide the highest quality equipment, you can enjoy your cold sparkler rental without the dangers of smoke and the unseemly fake fire odor. Use them to signify a big moment or simply for a sparkle of razzle-dazzle! Bring a polished pop of excitement to your big day. 

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