Event Drape Rentals

Event Drape Rentals

Adorn Your Space with Elegance WITH EVENT DRAPERY RENTALS

The sophisticated and airy look of carefully gathered and artfully billowed fabric is a deceivingly simple way to transform any space from a dull reception hall into a magical oasis. Wedding backdrop rentals are never at the forefront of your mind, and they shouldn’t be. These subdued additions should subtly represent your theme and style without overtaking the space. Although they make a drastic impact that undeniably elevates the room, we consider event drape to be fairly discreet decor. 

Our event drapery rentals come in a plethora of colors and materials. Our event designers can walk you through some carefully curated suggestions or help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Use them on the ceiling for a heavenly sky or gather them along walls where they’ll lend themselves well to a cozy elegance. You can even use them to create natural divisions and transitions in a large open space. Our event drape rentals completely transform your space, ensuring that anything old or dingy is out of sight, in the most magically moderate fashion. 

Where We Service

We service the Phoenix valley area including Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley, and other areas in the central Arizona valley. We also serve Northern Arizona during the summer months.


Below is a list of all of the options for event drape rentals. If you are not sure where to start then reach out to one of our event planners to help you plan the perfect event drape that you need. We offer a huge selection of styles and fabrics. The most popular colors are White, gray, blush, and sheer.

  • Sweetheart Table Drape: $200 - $375
  • Head Table Drape: $375 - $650
  • Wall Drape: This will depend on the size of the venue, call for pricing.
  • Room Divider Drape: Please call for pricing.  

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