Everything You Need to Know About a Spring Wedding in Arizona

A photo of a spring wedding.

Did you know that March-May and September-November are the most popular months to get married in Arizona? The reason is that the weather is so beautiful and the sun doesn’t set too early in the day.

But, there could be a few challenges when planning a spring wedding, like competing with spring breakers for hotels and transportation.

Here are wedding ideas for spring you could take into consideration for a smooth experience:

Plan Early

You will need to start planning your wedding 12-18 months earlier because many photographers, DJs, and venues are likely to be fully booked during this season 12 months or more in advance.

Start identifying and meeting with the vendors first. The best vendors are usually the first to get booked in wedding planning. Once you’ve set the date and secured the vendors, you can now move on to hair, make-up, flowers, etc.

Send Out Stationery

Set a springtime theme with stationery that reflects the season. The concept could be through orange, green, and a blue palette or motifs.

Get Creative

Most weddings take place on Saturdays. However, during spring, a wedding can happen any time of the week. The most popular non-traditional wedding days are Friday and Sunday. If you’d like to plan your wedding on any other day other than Saturday, consider your guests and the general wedding feel.

If you’re not planning on having a raging, all-night party, then a Sunday wedding is perfect. If the bridal party is willing to take a day off and your guests leave the office a little early, then a Friday wedding is perfect.

The Attire

You have more options to look into during springtime. Remember that the fabric can be lighter for the wedding dress, and the hemlines can be higher. Also, formal styles and floor-length gowns are still appropriate.

Additionally, you can choose to have a low-key dress code.

The Wedding Cake

Flowers made from rice paper make beautiful realistic blooms that do not wilt in the heat. If your wedding cake will be displayed outside, ensure you order one covered in fondant because it holds up better in the heat.

If you plan to display your wedding cake, ensure you order one covered in fondant because it holds up better in the heat.

The Color Palette

You can choose from a spectrum of wedding-worthy hues in this colorful season. Think of exciting colors like red, violet, white, blue, and pink. Whether you prefer vibrant combinations or the standard spring pastels, your color choice has no limit at this time of the year.

The Menu

Have a pre-dinner hour with crisp, refreshing drinks since the temperatures rise. Ask your caterer to design a menu that reflects the season for the meals. They can choose the veggies in season, such as asparagus, and so on.

In addition, it would be best to work with what is available in the season for the best menu you can offer your guests.

The Flowers

Everything is blooming during spring – wide varieties of flowers are in season and are easy to find, such as hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, and peonies. Mother Nature offers the most beautiful, non-traditional décor like moss, herbs, wheatgrass, dogwood, and cherry blossoms.

You will realize that sticking to the flowers in season will offer you more budget-friendly and fresher options.

Daffodils are classic yet affordable, and they are available in many varieties. Lilacs, hyacinths, and sweet peas make a spring arrangement with a feminine feel. If you love the understated elegance, you can steal some ideas from the spring bride Kate Middleton. Her bouquet had lilies of the valley, ivy, hyacinth, sweet William, and myrtle.

Talk to your florist to figure out what’s right for you.

The Weather

The milder temperatures during spring make a midday outdoor wedding fun. But just like all other seasons, Mother Nature can pull a few tricks up her sleeve. That is why you need to keep safe by having a plan B.

You could have an indoor option if it begins to rain or a tent. If the guests are expected to walk to different venues, have tented hallways to offer coverage along the way. Order a canopy for the spaces with a flat front and valet parking with plenty of umbrellas to ensure guests stay dry.

Remember that the rain combined with the warm temperatures can turn the venue into a muddy mess. Have a bridesmaid help you protect the wedding dress by holding it up as you walk. If the dress does get messy, use a blow dryer to speed up the process or wait for it to dry.

Then, use an instant stain remover to remove any mud stuck on the dress. Consequently, to protect your shoes against dirt, you can put on willies and give the wedding attendees rain boots that match the wedding colors.

If having a tent is part of the plan, you can rent flooring for the entire space to keep the ground from turning into a mudslide.

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1.     What is the best month to get married in AZ?

Whether you’re in the city, the desert or the mountains, March-May and September-November are the best times to have a wedding, especially if you desire an outdoor wedding.

2.     What is the average cost of a wedding in Arizona?

In Phoenix, an average wedding costs $ 29,948, and in Tucson, it costs $ 25,584. The main factors that determine the wedding costs are the reception venue, the ceremony sites, and the band at the reception.

3. What time should a spring wedding start?

Plan your ceremony 2 ½ hours before sunset if the reception is indoors. If you have the outdoor reception set, start 3 hours before sunset.

4. Is it better to get married in spring or fall?

In Arizona, the best months to get married are March-May and September-November.