Fog Machine Rentals

Fog Machine Rentals

Create stunning effects throughout
Create thick and enchanting clouds that hug the floor
Exceptional Optics
Used alone or in conjunction with lighting effects. Perfect for dances and weddings
No Dry Ice
Low-lying fog machine without the need for dry ice

Get surprising elegance from our fog machine rentals- perfect for weddings, events, and parties!

A low-lying fog machine rental is the best way to add unexpected elegance to any special occasion. Although fog machine rentals have gotten a bad reputation for being haunted house cliches, they do so much more than just graveyard ghosting. Add the fog machine on the dance floor for an understated drama, magical mystery, or a classical snowy effect. Use in the right manner, which we can, of course, help with, they are elegant and enchanting. 
Pair the low-lying fog machine rental with cool lighting and a sophisticated drape to completely transform and elevate your space. Our event designers are more than happy to discuss all of the options that low-lying fog machine rentals provide. So, reach out to learn more about creative applications and unique uses for low-lying fog machine rentals.

Our Lowing Lying Fog Pairs Well With:

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Dance Lighting

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