Confetti Cannon Rentals

Change the Atmosphere in a Flash

Confetti Cannon Rentals

Change the Atmosphere in a Flash


They’re fun and they shoot confetti up to 30 feet, what more can we say? That amounts to 540 square feet of fluttering awesomeness


We take care of all the hard work, you just add the provided confetti and let the cannon do the rest. Remote-controlled and linkable


Fan powered “explosions” for a cannon effect with no danger. No compressed air or CO2 required — just add confetti


Brilliant. Sparkling. Ethereal. The moments after the cannon goes off are truly beautiful. We offer several confetti color choices

For a dose of celebration, use our confetti cannon rentals today! 

Confetti cannon rentals are perfect for sprinkling an extra touch of fun on your big day. Visually dazzling and awe-inspiring, they offer a blast of color that is sure to get the attention of your guests. Use our confetti machine rental as an exclamation point to end the perfect evening or have them go off throughout the event. Regardless of how you use the confetti party rental, they're sure to elicit genuine excitement from your guests. 
Ideal for creating the perfect photo-op and amping up the fun, confetti cannon rentals are also extremely easy to operate. We’ll take care of any of the more difficult aspects so that all you need to do is plug them in, add your desired confetti, and go. Coordinate the confetti colors to match your theme or choose random tones for a vibrant surprise. And, for all those occasions that need an extra dose of confetti cannon excitement, reach out to one of our event designers. They’ll work with you to coordinate a large-scale confetti celebration.

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