The Party Planning Checklist for Your Next Event

A planned party from a party planning checklist.

Whether you’re just throwing an event for friends and family, or you own a party planning business, this party planning checklist will help you get ready for your big day.

What are the Indicators of a Successful Party?

Creating an event timeline and using a party planning checklist are aspects that ensure your planning goes smoothly. Even when you don’t have lots of experience in party planning, you can still plan a memorable event.

Keep in mind that parties are about having fun and bringing people together. That way, you will make decisions that ensure you come up with the best parties of all time.

Your Party Planning Checklist Template

Whether it’s a sales goal celebration or graduation, parties entail the same event planning skills as any other type of event. For your party’s success, you’ll want to draft your plan of attack. Thankfully, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

To exhaustively plan for your party, remember to complete all of the checklist items below:

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2-3 Months Before

Depending on your party planning experience, how complex you think the party will be, or what time of the year it is, it is critical to begin plans as early as possible.

  •  Select a theme – Choose a theme that’ll suit the event to get started.
  • Determine the budget – A party typically costs between $30 – $60 per person.
  • Select a few time and date options for the event – This will give you room to make changes if there’s a need.
  • Book the event venue – It will depend on the intended outcome of the party.
  • Make arrangements for entertainment – Have DIY Pizza stations, themed photo booths, DJs, etc.
  • Have a guest list – As guest list etiquette indicates, have the key stakeholders and party planners invite a strict number of people.
  • Order supplies if you’re creating your décor – This will relieve your stress in advance.

One Month Before

You already have all the essential details out of the way—time to sort out the details.

  • Send invitations – Send out invitations to your guests. If you wish to send paperless invitations, check out services like Greenvelope, evite, Minted’s online invitations, and Paperless Post.
  • Order food and beverages – If you’re not working with a chef, you’ll need to make orders for non-perishables and alcohol now.
  • Hire a chef – Hiring a chef in good time ensures that you secure their services before it is too late.
  • Make or purchase your décor – You can buy your décor or borrow from other people who’ve had parties and personalize them.
  • Plan party activities – You can choose the party activities you desire, such as board games, dancing, or trivia competitions.
  • Hire event staff or enlist party helpers – Ensure you have party helpers or hired event staff to lend you a helping hand before, during, and after the party.

One Week Before

Doing your final touches at this time will save you unnecessary pressure during the party.

  • Order baked treats – Pies, cupcakes, or cakes are ordered at this point. Some bakeries may require more or less time depending on their preferences and their schedule. Therefore, double-check the ordering instructions ahead of time.
  • Do a follow-up on RSVPs – You can then use event planning software to share the final guest list with party helpers, caterers, and all those involved in the party planning.
  • Create and start sharing the party hashtag – This will have your party trending ahead of the D-day.

One Day Before

  • Do grocery shopping – You may choose to hire a grocery delivery service or a TaskRabbit to do the work on your behalf.
  • Pick up your baked treats – You’ll probably be in a rush as you perform this task but remember to check inside to make sure your treats look as you had pictured.
  • Prepare tips for party staff and entertainers – For an idea of how much is appropriate, entertainers in children’s parties expect $15 – $20 while vendors in weddings like the chefs on average get between $50 – $100.
  • Make your catering orders if you’re not hiring a chef – Ensure you double-check with the company’s ordering rules beforehand.
  • Prepare your event space – If the party is being held at a private residence or your home, hire cleaning services or do the cleaning yourself. If it’s a rented space, check the contract to confirm if they’re responsible for the cleaning. Check out some tips on how to get your house party-ready in less than an hour.

Party Day

You made it. Finalize these last tasks; then you’re good to go and enjoy yourself.

  •  Buy ice – Make your ice purchases and bring a cooler to store it in.
  • Set up the centerpieces and décor – Don’t be afraid to delegate this task to someone else.
  • Prepare according to the weather forecast, especially for the outdoor events – Umbrellas, citronella candles, string lights, umbrella caddies, and blankets add a nice touch.
  • Clean up after the party is over – Or you can choose to hire take-down staff to disassemble the décor and rentals.

Final Thoughts

This guide has covered all you need to know about any celebratory event you’ll need to plan.

If you have any party planning needs and need our help, contact us, and we will bring your dream party to life. 


  1. How do you plan a party checklist?
  •  Make a list of the people you intend to invite
  • Mark the date of the event on your calendar
  • Send invitations
  • Plan the menu
  • Make the shopping list.
  1. What is an event checklist?

An event checklist is your guide to staying organized and on or ahead of schedule. It helps when you’re juggling a myriad of assorted details and responsibilities in planning a successful event.

  1. What is the process of planning an event?
  • Develop the event goals and objectives
  •  Organize the team
  •  Create your budget
  • Set the event date
  • Create your event’s master plan
  1. What do you need to prepare for a party?
  • Decide on the menu
  • Create the guest list
  • Decide on a date and time.
  • Invite your guests
  • Create a shopping list
  • Make your cleaning list
  • Plan some entertainment
  • Prepare ahead what can be planned.