Questions to Ask an Event Planner (With Answers)

A wedding planned by an event planner.

Whether it’s an anniversary dinner, wedding, or concert, trusting a stranger with your event is not easy. An event planner will reduce your work and stress; while ensuring the event is a success.

To find the right candidate for your event, you will need to conduct an interview. Event planner interview questions should relate to their relevant experience, personality, and the strategies they use in event planning.

An event planner interview is like any other job interview. It will depend on the industry (weddings versus technology) or niche (private versus corporate event). 

Best Questions to Ask an Event Planners

  1. Why Do We Need You as an Event Planner?

An event planner greatly reduces your workload and stress on your behalf. They will ensure the event is a success. An event planner creates a relationship with the best vendors and service providers to ensure your event only gets the best.

  1. What Skills, Education, and Traits Should All Event Planners Have?

A successful event planner will be easy to get along with, flexible, and be very organized. They will have good people, time, and money management skills. Although one may not need formal certification, it is nice to identify some sort of certification, college degree, or portfolio when hiring an event planner.

  1. How Early Do You Need to Begin Planning the Event?

Generally, you start planning events as early as two months to two years to the event date. Although this is a relative question to ask, phrase it to your candidate for the event you’re throwing. For example, a wedding event will take way longer to plan than a corporate event. When thinking about event time-frames, consider: 

  • How long it might take to secure a venue
  • Give guests enough time to plan (generally you want to provide at least six months so they can plan their schedules)
  •  Give room for long-distance planning if your event is elsewhere
  1. How Do You Manage the Budget in an Event?

One of the reasons a project will exceed the budget is because of the incompetence of the planner. Lack of a vision, poor communication, and unrealistic targets are some of the issues that lead to the mismanaging of a budget.

An event planner needs to understand how to manage the budget and create a plan to cover additional expenses. You can also get an idea for proper event budgeting through general research.

  1. What Do You Do When You Are Stressed Out When Planning an Event?

Event planning has been ranked 5th on the list of the most stressful jobs in the world. It will help to keep your balance by fine-tuning your communication skills and having a great attitude. Also, aim at achieving a work/life balance to avoid burnout.

It is crucial to ask a candidate some stress management questions to assess their ability to manage stressful situations.

  1. Are There Certain Types of Events You Are Always Excited to Plan?

You may not be looking for a specific answer as an interviewer. This question is intended to bring out the candidate’s personality. What makes them tick and why are they passionate about event planning? This question will help bring those insights to the table and you’ll be able to gauge whether or not you’ll be a good fit for each other.  

  1. How Do You React If Something Starts to Go Wrong During the Event?

Everyone knows that mistakes happen during an event. This question is intended to see their problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills. You want an event planner that can offer resolutions to issues in a professional manner- even in challenging situations. 

  1. How Do You Determine A Successful Event?

Event planners need to understand what it takes to make an event enjoyable and their clients happy. Usually, an event planner will ask clients of their event goals and expectations and use them as their metrics for success. You want to find an event planner that finds your success as theirs. That way, you know they’re focused on accomplishing the event to your wants and needs. 

  1. What Makes You Effective as an Event Planner?

Every event planner should have project management and organizational skills to perform their event planning tasks well.

In addition to asking this question, ask the interviewee to share up to three skills that they think qualifies them for the job.

    10.  What Would You Do If You Had To Do A Job But Do Not Have All The Answers?

This question will typically be answered with a personal life experience or event from the candidate. No matter how they answer, make sure they relay it back to why that qualifies them for the job, given the skills they possess.

It’s Time To Interview

Overall, when interviewing for an event planner, you want to find someone who’s keen, has great management skills, and can stay organized. When searching for an event planner, you may also be searching for event rentals. Aurora Event Lighting & Rentals is your one-stop-shop to cater to all your event needs. Check out our lighting, drape, party, and sound rentals today!