How to Hire the Right Event Photographer: Expected Rates and More!

A photo of an event photographer that was hired.

We all deserve to preserve our lives’ memorable moments in beautiful photos. That’s why everybody these days feels like a qualified photographer and is ready to capture these moments using their smartphones. 

However, there’s a need to hire a professional event photographer for your large-scale social occasion or conference. Captivating photos are an effective way to market your event. 

Therefore, a good photographer offers consistency in their results. They provide that through their technical skill as photographers and their experience over time. A professional photographer increases your chances of telling the event story compellingly. 

Accordingly, with some research, you’ll identify the most suitable photographer that fits the budget and can boost your brand. 

Here’s what you need to know before hiring an event photographer and their expected rates.

Why You Need a Professional Event Photographer

You’ll need a professional photographer for your event for the following reasons:

Nothing Beats Professional Quality Photography

When a professional photographer uses quality equipment, you’re guaranteed a good quality outcome. Thus, you’ll have fantastic quality photos that showcase some of the event’s best moments.

Professional Photographers Have the Skill to Identify the Critical Parts of the Event

Once the event’s goal is clear, the professional photographer understands the most critical moments they’ll need to capture. Accordingly, you need to provide all the details regarding the VIPs, keynote speakers, and other important event details you’ll need to be shown. 

An Event Photographer Backs Up Their Work

You don’t need to worry about accidental deletion or lost equipment. A professional event photographer understands the importance of backing up the photos in case of any eventualities. 

Tips on How to Hire the Right Event Photographer

To hire the most suitable photographer for your event at the best rate, here’s what you need to do: 

Understand the Style the Photographer Uses

For the best party photographer hire, you’ll need to have a clear picture of the photography style you intend to adopt in your planning. Would you rather have more traditional and formal photos or prefer a more artistic outcome? 

To understand the photographer’s style, you’ll need to check their past works to confirm that they match what you desire. Some of the different photography styles include:

  • Fashion photography
  • Advertising photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Conceptual photography
  • Candid photography
  • Wedding photography

Study the Photographer’s Personality

Understanding the photographer’s personality helps you gauge the kind of person you’ll deal with at your event. It would be best if you were comfortable enough to make requests and ask questions.

Read Reviews by Other Customers

According to a consumer review survey, 82% of people explore reviews for products and services before hiring a vendor or buying a product.

Hence, it’d be wise to go to Thumbtack, Google reviews, and Yelp to explore customer reviews about a photographer. Look out for positive reviews and very few negative reviews. 

Ask as Many Questions as Possible in the Interview

There are various questions you need to ask your potential photographers:

  • How much do you charge for photography services? Prices vary depending on the photographer and the event type. 
  • What photography packages do you have, and how can you customize them? Elaborate your event goals to the photographer and let them tailor a package that best suits your event needs.
  • Do you have backup equipment? A photographer must carry backup equipment in case of damage or if they need extra help.
  • How many additional photographers do you intend to bring to the event? It would be best if you had a second photographer cover other aspects of the event to add different dimensions to the outcome. Therefore, additional photographers help add a different feel to your event.
  • What is the presentation for the final product? Today there are various ways you can choose to store your files. Thus, it would be best if you had a photographer who understands that they need to make this part as easy as possible. 
  • What happens when the event lasts longer than expected? Will you charge an extra cost? Ensure all the necessary information is agreed upon and all prices reflect in the contract.
  • Will you photograph the event, or will an associate come on your behalf? It’s essential to have a photographer whose portfolio you’ve evaluated. 
  • Are you going to cover other events on the same day? It may be possible to juggle different events simultaneously, but it also has the potential to destroy the photographer, hence leaving out key details. 
  • Have you taken photos in this venue before? Have the photographer do a site visit if they haven’t been to the ground before.
  • Do you have insurance coverage? Discuss this aspect in advance to ensure coverage if there’s an unprecedented occurrence. 
  • Is there a list of references? Having a portfolio of photos is evidence of the work the photographer can do. It’s the best way to gauge the photographer’s work.

What are the Expected Event Photography Rates in Phoenix?

Prices vary depending on the photographer. A two-hour event photoshoot in Phoenix has an average cost of $324 while a one-hour event shoot will cost an average of $202, and a four-hour shoot will cost an average of $566. Wedding photography packages tend to be much higher with a cost between $1,600-3,000 per shoot. Concert photography rates also range from $50 per hour and $10 – $25 for a single photo.   

How To Negotiate A Fair Photography Rate

Event photography quotes depend on event specifics and the time of year. Some professionals opt to list their rates on their websites. However, there’s a need to get in touch for a quote. Also, providing as much information as possible before you get the quote is crucial to avoid any unexpected costs. 

Additionally, you’ll need to confirm all the package items before signing the contract. Be clear on the venue limitations, lighting, space, location, and whether there’s live event photography.

When it comes to an event photographer’s rate, remember why they’re charging what they charge. An event photographer is responsible for: 

  • Time and labor they put in during your event
  • Their specialized knowledge and personal equipment
  • Their post-production time (photo editing)

Remember when you try and negotiate their rates, you may lose some of these package features (i.e. no edited photos from the event).  

Parting Shot

You’re now well equipped to hire the best event photographer with less risk of facing disappointment with the information above. Remember, what you pay for is what you get, so you’re now better placed to know what to expect regarding value for your money. 

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