How to Plan a Successful Easter Event (7 Critical Steps)

A photo of easter eggs.

Are you interested in hosting a successful Easter event? Planning a holiday event is a sure hit for families and friends alike. It doesn’t matter the beliefs or background; Easter offers people a reason to get together and engage in fun traditions. 

Therefore, to host a successful Easter event, you need to ensure proper planning to avoid leaving out critical elements. After all, no one fancies an egg hunt that lacks chocolate. 

Accordingly, to keep your guests thrilled, you need to follow these steps while planning for Easter: 

Define the Objective of the Easter Event

Developing a clear strategy for a family Easter event might not seem necessary. But, setting objectives ensures that you’re ready to deal with issues as they arise. 

Think about what you intend to achieve in regards to your Easter event. Once you have a defined objective, it helps you determine your approach to the rest of the program.

Determine the Budget Needs for the Event and Your Limitations

Whether your Easter planning is a lavish Easter party or an Easter egg hunting event, drawing a clear budget helps avoid unexpected expenditures. Budgeting may not be all that fun and games, and that’s why you need a budget template that you can easily edit and understand.

The budget keeps you from overspending on unnecessary items – and lets you know when you’re overindulging. Remember to capture even the smallest of expenses and keep your budget updated. Items such as decorations, food, and any party rentals should be top of your budget. 

Consider the Diversity of Your Guests

An Easter holiday event attracts different people. Moreover, you need to understand the diversity of your guests. Your guest families vary in terms of diverse interests and differences in family sizes, and kids may be of different ages.

Furthermore, their appeal is diverse. For example, younger children might enjoy egg hunting or a photo session with the Easter bunny. On the other hand, teenagers need a designated place to hang out with their peers. 

What about the adult attendees? Consider having Easter-themed drinks and other assorted snacks to keep them relaxed while the kids have fun. Keep in mind that you’ll need proper licenses or permits if you intend to serve alcohol.

Choose the Right Venue

Before you settle on any venue, review your attendees’ preferences—aspects such as venue accessibility, public transport availability, and parking affect attendance at an event. Therefore, ensure that the venue you settle on fits your attendees’ preferences. 

For instance, if you’re expecting many families with kids to attend, ensure the parents can access the venue using baby strollers. If you wish to have an egg hunt activity, ensure the venue location allows such activities. Also, the platform needs to be safe, clean, and adequately handle trash because events with games, drinks, and food have lots of waste.

Host an Easter Event That Stands Out

Holiday events such as Easter are popular with families, which means your Easter event has to stand out to attract the most crowd. Accordingly, for friends and family to choose your event, you need to add a twist:

  • Settle on a unique location: Break the norm from the traditional Easter egg hunting location and settle for an unlikely venue, like a local library or theater. 
  • Add more ideas to competitive games: While kids may get excited to find as many Easter eggs as possible, you can take the games a notch higher. Therefore, add puzzles or riddles inside some Easter eggs for a chance to win small toys or additional treats. 
  • Encourage artistry in your guests: In your event, have something for everyone. For instance, you can have a station for decorating the eggs. Or, if you’re holding your event before Easter, you can have a station for decorating Easter cards.
  • Play entertaining music: End the Easter party with some music and dance. Everyone, including kids and adults, will have a moment to be silly and dance away all the sugar consumed at the event.

Promote the Easter Event to the Right Target Audience

A well-planned event only stands out if promoted to the right audience. In this case, there are several options to consider:

  • Hype the event on social media. Ensure that the information you give out contains all the necessary information concerning the event while still maintaining interest in the event
  • Let your target attendees know about the event via email. If there’s no email list, maybe you can get people to know about the event via a local newsletter. 
  • Pin flyers around your location and town to spread the word about your Easter event. Request family-focussed businesses to help you spread the word about your event. 

Remember the Post-Event Details

When the Easter event is over, remember to thank your visitors for attending the event and let them know of any upcoming event. Ask the attendees what they loved about the event and what they didn’t like. 

In addition, include a survey to help you improve on other future events and offer attendees more of what they enjoyed. 

How Do You Run a Successful Easter Egg Hunt? 

Here are the tips and tricks for organizing a fantastic Easter Egg hunt:

  • Select a gated space: Whether you’re requesting to use a community garden or someone’s ample yard space, ensure that the area is big enough to host the Easter egg hunt comfortably.
  • Set the event date in advance: Pick a date that works for the attendees in advance so that if there are any changes, you can make them in good time.
  • Determine the ground rules: The rules may involve each family donating several eggs. That way, the families shoulder the financial burden.
  • Remember to be cautious about allergies: If there are any known allergens to the additions in the eggs, you need to mark them for the parents to identify.
  • Collect the eggs: Collect the eggs in advance for easy event planning.
  • Make it enjoyable: Use colored wooden signposts to make it easy for children to find the chocolate treasures.

Wrap Up

While you make plans for Easter, it can be a challenge. Therefore, the 7 top tips above are a solid start to planning your subsequent event success. Above all, the only way to ensure you host a successful event is by understanding your targeted audience. 

The better you understand their needs, the easier it is to deliver a “perfect” event and the higher your chances of event success.

Do you need help planning for your upcoming Easter event? Talk to us at Aurora Event Lighting and Rentals.