Top Tips on How to Plan a Christmas Party

A photo of a Christmas party.

Get into the Christmas holiday mood by hosting a memorable Christmas party for your friends and family. Holiday celebrations bring cheer our way as we share our Christmas wishes with the people we love.

If you’d love to throw a Christmas party and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered with the best game plan.

Use the creative ideas below to plan a stress-free Christmas party for your loved ones.

How to Throw a Memorable Christmas Party

For a seamless Christmas party planning experience, use these five steps:

1. Select a date – Choose the most suitable date in December to host your party. You can plan for early December or choose Christmas Eve for an intimate party.

2. Choose the location – Decide if you want the party at home or you wish to rent space. Renting space is most suitable for a larger crowd of party-goers than the 30-40 guests you can host at home.

3. Choose the party theme – Set the tone for your decorations and select the most suitable Christmas party theme.

4. Select the Christmas party invitations – Find the Christmas party invitation ideas that match your theme and create the guest list. Have all the relevant information, such as Christmas party games and dress code. You can also have a festive holiday sticker on the invitation to get everyone in the mood.

5. Set your budget for decorations and food – Set the budget for food that’s a reflection of the people you’re inviting. Select the cocktails, desserts, and appetizers for your guests.

6. Make preparations in advance – As soon as you set the date, start preparing for the party. Also, confirm in advance if a family member or a friend can help with the setup.

Party Themes for Christmas

Choosing a Christmas party theme is essential if you wish to have all the party components on the same page. Sticking to a theme will have you reducing the amount of work you need to host the party. When you’re hosting a Winter Wonderland Extravaganza or a classic Christmas party, the theme will help put together décor, food, and Christmas party invitations.

  • We Three Kings – The ‘We Three Kings’ party is a religious and elegant party theme that consists of a black, gold, and white palette. Its inspiration comes from the three wise men who traveled to Bethlehem to witness the birth of Jesus Christ. So, you can have jewels, regal designs, and small treasure decorations to stay true to history.
  • Traditional Christmas – Get your family and friends into the holiday festivities mood by hosting a classic Christmas party. Have green and red decorations, cheerful and jolly party designs, and Christmas treats. You may also gather wreaths, oversized ornaments, stockings, Christmas lights, and Christmas trees for the warm traditional Christmas feel.
  • Santa Clause Soiree – Plan your party with everything and anything Santa-inspired with this theme. Get creative with a Saint Nicholas theme while incorporating Santa in the tablescapes, desserts, and decorations. Ask a family member or a friend to dress up to surprise the guests and make the party memorable.
  • Peppermint Party – A candy cane or peppermint party is all about treats and food. You can provide peppermint mocktails or cocktails, peppermint hot chocolate, homemade peppermint bark, and peppermint fudge.
  • Winter Wonderland – Turn your party space into a Winter Wonderland-themed party of white décor, snowflakes, and snowmen. The theme is silver and white decorations in the whole party set up and an additional all-white dessert bar.
  • Reindeer Party – Have a charismatic reindeer-themed party this year. Think about getting creative with sleigh bells, reindeer treats, and log centerpieces. Keep in mind the red roses and antlers for the guests as they walk into the party.
  • Elf Party: Santa Claus doesn’t have to be the star of the show. You can switch gears and throw a party dedicated to Santa’s little helpers.

Christmas Party Game Ideas

Create the holiday cheer and some laughter by bringing on board games to up the fun factor. Christmas party games will encourage the guests to interact freely. You can ask a family member or a friend to lead the games so that you can relax from hosting.

  • Christmas stocking relay
  • Christmas gift wrap relay
  • White elephant
  • Gingerbread house decorating

Christmas Party Activities

Fun activities for your Christmas party are a must-have! In addition to ensuring plenty of good food and holiday treats, have some Christmas party activities to keep your guests entertained.

  •  Photo Booth with Christmas props
  • Cookie decoration
  • Christmas crafts
  • Christmas karaoke
  • Christmas card tree making
  • Secret Santa exchange

Final Thoughts

Planning a Christmas party is not as tasking as you may think. If you always look forward to the cheer, your Christmas party planning will be as cheerful as you discover spirited ways to make the party memorable.

Remember to plan the party so that you can share the special day with friends and family as you partake in fun. Once the party is done, be sure to send a Christmas card to every attendee as a souvenir. 

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