A Guide to Outdoor Lighting for your Event

Outdoor lighting for an event.

When planning your outdoor event, one key element makes all the difference in the event’s atmosphere – the lighting. Proper outdoor event lighting draws attention to the most critical spaces, sets the scene for the occasion, and creates the desired mood. Whether a private party or corporate affair, a conference, or a trade show, you will always wow your guests with proper lighting.

For the best outdoor lighting experience, we have developed a guide to outdoor lighting for your event.

1. Sparkling String Lighting

Set your outdoor scene with sparkling bistro lights. Choose bistro lights that create a seamless event or outdoor design that mirrors the style of your home. For the classic colonial exterior, choose the round glass bulbs.

2. Elegant Ambiance

Have a collection of sleek, glass hurricanes paired with white pillar candles. They line the table and create a glowing centerpiece. Take advantage of this understated arrangement for your next al fresco dinner party.

3. Twinkle Lights in Trees

Take your outdoor lighting to great heights by wrapping branches and tree trunks in twinkle lights.

4. Layered Lighting

Use multiple layers of light to illuminate your entertaining outdoor area. Mixing different light fixtures such as overhead bistro lights, a glowing fireplace, and LED uplights creates a one-of-a-kind ambiance for your space. Thus, you can easily adjust or customize throughout the night.

5. Playful Paper Lanterns

For your next party, pull out all the stops with statement-creating paper lanterns. Have them above the entertainment space to create a playful, modern look. You can do this by hanging a mix of small, medium-sized, and large lanterns at different heights above the event’s space.

For a clean and polished look, opt for all-white lanterns. Also, for a more festive design, you can bring in punchy, colored lanterns.

6. Cozy Corners

When planning an outdoor party, it’s easy to get lost in the big picture. Our top tip is? Create a few intimate spots for friends to take a private call away from the crowd or catch up with friends throughout the outdoor space. Purchase white pillar or citronella candles and a set of two or three glass or woven lanterns; this will create that cozy conversation spot.

Style your lanterns on a sleek coffee table or a colorful garden stool between a pair of outdoor armchairs.

7. Movable Fire Pit

For foolproof party lighting, mobile fire pits are at the top of our list. For purposes of evolving event lighting needs, be sure to invest in an easy-to-move fire pit design.

8. DIY Chic

Bring organic texture and a graphic shape to the outdoors by creating pendant lighting. Use an inflatable ball, rope, and craft glue. Use this step-by-step guide.

9. Enhance the Outdoor Accents

Enhance your outdoor structures after dark by wrapping them in a warm and welcoming glow. Create an eye-catching look in your home by carefully outlining the garden archway with string lights, your covered patio, or the poolside pergola.

10. Modern Orbs

Cord-free and waterproof orbs are what you need for a shining backyard for all of your events in the summer. Add them to the pool for a posh, splashy party design that will wow your crowd.

11. Pigmented Pool

Light up the color of your backyard party with beautiful, pigmented pool lights.

12. Fairy-Light Chandelier

Create an enchanted garden under a massive green tree with a woven chandelier of tiny fairy lights. You can combine the fairy lights with topiaries in concrete urns and shade-loving hostas.

13. Wall Art

To give your garden party an enchanting twinkle, string up lanterns and lights around your outdoor space. 

Hang a few smaller string lights and line lanterns in the seating area. Also, for a touch of ambiance, hang a few on tree branches.

The soft glow you’ll achieve will invite everyone to linger outside in the nighttime summer air.


  1. How do you light an outdoor event?

Spring up lanterns and lights around the outdoor space. Doing this will give an enchanting twinkle to your outdoor party. Consequently, the soft glow will have your visitors lingering outside into the night. Therefore, hang a few string lights on tree branches and around the seating area for a touch of ambiance.

  1. How do you light an event?
  • Ask the relevant questions.
  • Create your project plan
  • Highlight the high traffic areas
  • Use LED lights
  • Use color
  • Consider lighting effects
  •  Remember the exterior
  • Be creative
  1. What type of lighting is best for the outdoors?

Choose lighting with a warm color temperature. 2700K LED is ideal. The 2700K temperature gives you a natural and soothing tone. It mimics the comforting warm glow of the campfire. Thus, it creates a comfortable and relaxing outdoor environment.

  1. How do you light up a wedding reception?

For a warm but contemporary feel, have sleek, pre-lit tables. Also, you can consider adding LED lights to the floral arrangements for luminous stems that double as mood lighting and décor. Project tiny stars above the dance floor or illuminate them with an excellent gobo pattern effect for the venue walls.

Parting Shot – Your Outdoor Event Planning Future Looks Bright

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