How to Plan a Wedding: Your Local Wedding Guide in Arizona

A couple who followed a wedding planning guide.

Nothing shouts Arizona like a desert wedding. It is the epitome of the Wild West. With its sunshine, deserts, and cactuses, Arizona offers you a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. 

“How do I start planning a wedding?” That’s what is on your mind now that your initial engagement excitement is wearing off. 

While planning your wedding is an exciting experience, it can be exhausting for most grooms and brides. 

But don’t fret. We’ll make it easier for you to plan the wedding of your dreams. We’ll give you the steps for wedding preparation.

Check out this guide for our top tips on how to plan a wedding.

Set a Timetable for Your Wedding Plan

The moment you get engaged, the next big news people expect from you is your wedding date. But that is not possible until you have made major decisions like selecting and booking a venue

First, determine what time of the year works best for you. Think about your most preferred season of the year and any family events to avoid conflicts. 

Create Your Priorities List

Have in mind what you intend to achieve on your wedding day. What are the most important aspects to you? Maybe you intend to throw a party with good music late into the night? Or do you want to enjoy drinks and good food?

Maybe big events aren’t your thing, and you want to enjoy a small intimate ceremony? Having your priorities set from the get-go will make wedding planning easier.

Have a Vision for the Wedding and Select a Venue

Before you sample your wedding cake or begin shopping for the wedding dress, visualize your ideal wedding. While you have a picture in mind of the perfect wedding, keep this in mind: 

  • Hometown wedding or away
  • Big or small intimate wedding
  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • All-out-glam, rustic, romantic, vintage, modern, or classic
  • Fancy dressing or casual

All these factors help you have an idea of the wedding you wish to have. Check out as many wedding resources for ideas about your big day. 

Check the social media and photos of some of the best wedding photographers in Arizona. 

Something as simple as a scene from your favorite song can bring out your creativity. Keep yourself open to inspiration.

Set Your Wedding Budget

Determine how much you intend to spend on the wedding. Have a sit down with family and friends and figure out how much they wish to contribute. 

Work out your budget beforehand using a reliable wedding budget calculator. As much as this may not be your favorite part of the planning, but it’ll give a realistic picture of your plan.

Organize Yourself

Getting organized is something that should come above everything else in wedding planning. Keep all the crucial documents on the cloud. It will help you and all the people involved in the wedding plan to access and edit when necessary. 

You also need to keep all items safely from vendor lists, physical receipts, and brochures. Have a master checklist for all you need to be done before the wedding day. 

Tactfully Plan Your Guest List

Have the following factors in mind as you build your guest list:

  • The venue 
  • The number of people you want to send invitations to
  • The location of the venue
  • The budget

These factors will greatly influence the number of people you intend to invite to the wedding. 

Choose the Bridal Party

Now it’s time to select your bridesmaids and groomsmen. The earlier you make the requests, the better. Keep in mind that your bridal party agrees to spend their time and money on the wedding.

Be kind and considerate and inform them of all the cost implications. Make sure you make them know you appreciate their presence when you need them the most.

Consider Working with a Wedding Planner

Consider hiring a full-time wedding planner if you have demanding jobs or are a super-busy couple. 

A professional will help you craft a wedding blueprint – including the vendors, budget, venue choices, and so much more. 

The planner will take care of all the plans, from the engagement party to the honeymoon of your dreams. 

Hire Wedding Vendors in Advance

If you always dreamt of having a certain local band serenade you on your wedding day, or have a certain photographer, act fast. 

Most of the top wedding vendors in Arizona are booked up to one year in advance. Determine your wedding priorities and engage the vendors in good time.

Shop for Your Wedding Dress

Begin by browsing some of the best photos of wedding dresses and visiting wedding dress vendors. Gather information on trains, hues, silhouettes, and necklines. The time of the year will also affect your choice.

Are you getting married during the sweltering summer? Choose lightweight fabrics such as organza, chiffon, and linen.

Are you choosing a winter wedding? Velvet, brocade, or faux fur will keep you shielded from the cold. Shantung, tulle, and satin are perfect all year round.

Take a Break from the Planning

A wedding planner is a huge undertaking: you may as well count it as the first test for your marriage. It’s a rewarding but long process of sacrifice, stress management, and compromise. 

Before the big day, take some time off just for the two of you to engage in other things other than the planning. 

It will help remind you why this is so important to you. Remember to share your proposal story with family and friends. 

Focus on the Big Picture

You’re finally getting married – Feel the love and be present in the moment. Don’t worry about any imperfections. 

By the time it’s your wedding day, relax and enjoy the special moment with the people you love. Ask any married couple – it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Looking for the best wedding planning help and rentals in Arizona? Reach out to us. We’ll offer you the ultimate wedding planning guide.