How to Create a Gorgeous Sweetheart Table Backdrop

Every reception venue needs a focal point, an eye-catching place where guests can easily find the bride and groom. As the toasts and speeches begin, you’ll love having a special sweetheart table with your new spouse where you can clearly see all the speakers and guests. In turn, your guests will love being able to see you too at your beautiful table with a stunning backdrop. Among all the tables, displays, and dance floor, a well-created sweetheart table will stand out as a special space at your reception venue.

What do you need to create a gorgeous sweetheart table? Below are some of our favorite ways to decorate your special table.

Head Table Drape

Draping is one of our favorite ways to elevate a sweetheart table. You can choose your own draping design, or you can consult a sweetheart table draping expert to see what they recommend for your venue. Head table drapes are a great way to make your head table stand out.

Pro tip: If you are already planning on renting table cloths or are already using a company for draping, ask your vendor what options they have for a sweetheart table. It’s possible they may have some options, and it’s an easy add-on.

Woven Drape

We are swooning over this woven drape design. It’s timeless and elegant, yet, transferrable to any reception aesthetic. If you are looking for a way to integrate your color palette with your venue, this sweetheart table backdrop is one of the most tasteful ways to do it. 

Pro tip: If your reception venue does not have an obvious place for draping, there are several different ways to make it happen. Consult one of our draping experts to learn more about your options.

Twinkle Light Backdrop

If your reception will transition from evening to night, you may want to consider a Twinkle Light Backdrop behind your sweetheart table. It’s simple to create, but the effects are dreamy when your reception shifts to night. 

For a maximum glow, we recommend draping the twinkle lights in front of a white drape, but just using twinkle lights works well too.

Pro Tip: If your reception will transition from evening to night, double check with your photographer that they will bring the proper equipment for the range of light they will have. Also, if you are spending time and money into your sweetheart table, request that your photographer adds those pictures to your shot list.

Ceiling drape

For the bride having large group tables or sitting in the middle of the room, a ceiling drape is an option for creating a special sweetheart table effect in the middle of a room. A ceiling drape also gives you the option to integrate your color scheme or add flowers/greenery with the drape.

Pro tip: Ceiling drapes are also a great option if you’d like to add a special flair to your reception space. We often see ceiling drapes used as a canopy over tables and the dance floor.

Though a draping backdrop may not have been on your original reception “must-have” list, adding a draping element can bring your reception space to life and give you and your spouse a special spot during some of the festivities. 

If you are unsure about where and how to use draping in your reception space, we recommend consulting vendors and refer to their expertise in bringing your venue to life.