A Bride’s Guide to Outdoor Wedding Lighting

Adding special lighting to your wedding venue is on every bride’s to-do list, but few brides know how to create their ideal “lighting look” or what their options are. In this guide, we’ll take you through 7 amazing lighting ideas to light up your outdoor wedding venue.

7 Types of Outdoor Lighting Effects for Weddings:

  1. Bistro String Lights
  2. Uplighting
  3. Moon lights
  4. Twinkle Light Walls/Canopies
  5. Sparklers
  6. Monograms
  7. Custom lighting

Bistro String Lights

A great way to distribute light over a large outdoor area is by stringing bistro lights across your wedding venue. Bistro lights can expand across large seating areas, a dance floor, or the perimeters of your venue area. 


Light up your venue with uplighting! A festive way to add color or integrate your color scheme throughout your outdoor venue, is through uplighting (as shown above). You can create a welcoming wedding entrance for your guests, and dress up any walls or special areas at your venue.

One of our favorite ways to use this lighting effect is to use a preset color during the first half of your reception, then when the dancing begins, the lights turn into party mode. All of the lights change colors, and the reception immediately becomes a fun party for your family and friends.

Moon Lights

Moon lights are a statement piece for your event. You can use them in between bistro lights, or set them up around your event as a festive border. Not only do these lights provide a softer glow, but they also look so fun in pictures.

Twinkle Light Walls/Canopies

If you’re looking to bring your Pinterest boards to life, twinkle lights create the ultimate backdrop behind your sweetheart table, cake table, or welcome sign.

With twinkle lights, you can also light up any gazebo, hallway, wall, and drape them across your dance floor for a dreamy first dance.


We don’t just mean the little handheld sparklers you see at wedding exits and the 4th of July. Large sparklers give you an unforgettable, grand entry, re-entry, or reception exit. Another one of our favorite ways to use sparklers is by kicking off the dancing. The bright sparklers are sure to bring everyone running to the dance floor when the music starts and the sparklers glow.


For the bride who is looking for a more personalized touch, you may want to look at lighting companies who create custom monograms, which can be displayed on any floor or wall. Below are some of our favorite monogram ideas.

Custom Lighting

One of the most effective ways to determine what lighting styles will work best with your outdoor venue and budget is to speak with a lighting expert. For example, at Arizona Uplighting we work with the brides to create their dream lighting effects and offer our expertise to keep everything running smoothly. It’s way better to enjoy the lighting on your wedding day, instead of worrying about all the logistics of setting up the lights and turning them on.

The right lighting for your venue can really make your wedding feel special and unforgettable. After choosing which lighting techniques are your favorite, feel free to call one of our Arizona Uplighting experts to ask about implementation, lighting suggestions, and what unique lighting effects they can create for your special day.