Illuminating Spaces- Tips and Ideas for lighting for large rooms

Navigating how to light up the night!

Deciding on lighting options can be stressful regardless of the size of your space, but that stress increases alongside the amount of ground you need to cover. At Arizona Uplighting, our event guides are here to help you make an informed decision and take the stress out of the equation so you can focus on you. This post will act as an educational guideline on some of the best types of lights that are used in events. This, in hope, will eliminate any uncertainty and get you back to more pressing matters during your planning process. If you want more expert advice for lighting large rooms or if you’re looking for event rentals, be sure to contact one of our event specialists today. Let’s get started!

Lighting Idea #1- Moon Balloons

When lighting large spaces, moon balloons are the most practical and cost-effective option out there. Illuminating a 50 foot radius in all directions, you can get the most lighting bang for your buck with minimal fixtures. Most spaces can be lit up with two to three of these bad boys! A moon balloon is an inflatable white sphere with two 750-watt light bulbs inside. They attach to a stand and are raised into the air for maximum light spread. Boasting 1500 watts of pure power, you’ll have no problem finding your way through the crowd with these guys looming above. And perhaps best of all: the brightness can be adjusted to fit your desired mood perfectly. Being that they are so powerful and bright though, they do require one open power circuit each. Otherwise they’ll pop the circuit and go dark, and no one wants that. If you feel like you need some input on power, please don’t hesitate to consult one of our event guides. We provide many power-related solutions, including generators! As always, we’re here to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Some examples of moon balloons in action:

Lighting Idea #2- Bistro Lighting

Bistro lighting, or string lighting, is one of the most popular lighting solutions for indoor event lighting AND outdoor events. It’s the perfect balance between practical and captivating! The bulbs are spaced 24 inches apart and typically strung between poles placed on the boundary of the event space to create a sweeping, starry-night feel in the pattern of your choice. The lights can also be attached to structures like banisters, pillars, or even trees for extra versatility. With basically limitless possibilities, bistro lighting really is the way to go to create a unique, atmospheric feel for your event while never leaving anyone in the dark!

Some examples of bistro lighting in action:

Lighting Idea #3- Light Towers

When you’re looking to light a designated space, such as a buffet table, gaming area, or even a musical act, light towers are the way to go! As the name suggests, lights are attached to a stand and hoisted into the air to cast light down onto a specific area. Simple, right?

Some examples of light towers in action:

Lighting Idea #4- Uplighting

Uplighting is another pretty straight-forward concept; Place a light on the ground (facing upward, hence the name) to light up a space, indoors or outdoors. Usually angled against a wall, pillar, tree, or other surface for maximum effect. Uplighting is great for creating an atmosphere as you can customize the color and placement any way you like, however, they will not create as much light as the other options, sometimes leaving things dim depending on the location. That being the case, uplighting is usually used in conjunction with another type of lighting to truly fill the space. Naturally, uplights appear brighter indoors where there are walls and ceilings to reflect light, so they can work standalone in that setting. Outdoors is where you will most likely need a supplemental source of light to keep your guests out of the dark. To know without a doubt how many uplights you need and whether or not you need other lighting options to light up the night, contact one of our skilled event guides. We would love to help you through the process, it’s what we do!

Some examples up uplighting in action:

Planning an event can be a stressful affair, but we hope these event lighting tips can take at least some of the stress off of your shoulders so you can get back to more important matters. Just remember, it’s not the types of lights used in events that make it worthwhile, it’s the knowledgeable event guides that know how to put it all together! If you have questions or are seeking expert advice, we’re always here to help!